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                                                             Silver Products

            Ultra fine silver spherical Powder: good dispersibility, concentrated particle size
            Scott Density:1.5-2.5g/cm3     Fsss:0.5-1.0¦Ìm;      Surface area:1.5-2.2 m2/g


            Silver Flake
            :Low resistance£¬concentrated particle size, good dispersibility, mainly used for low temperature thermo solidified paste.
            Scott Density:0.8-1.2g/cm3     Fsss:<0.5¦Ìm;     Surface area:1.5-2.5 m2/g


            YSOP-52 Conductive Silver Paste is a new researched slow drying solidified silver paste. It consists of ultra fine silver flake, solvent and resin for silk-screen printing. It can be widely used for flexible circuitry, membrane switches and materials like PET, PE with high electrical conductivity, good screen printability, good hardness and excellent adhesion ability.
            Solid content: 48-50%, Square resistance <15 m¦¸/¡õ/25.4¦Ìm


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